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Poly-Wood LLC Furniture is the finest quality recycled plastic lumber outdoor furniture you will find on the market today. Proudly manufactured since 1990 and enhancing patios, pool decks, backyards and gardens with eco-friendly, sustainable outdoor patio furniture for years! POLYWOOD-Furniture.com distributes performance furnishings for Poly-Wood LLC. as a firm believer of the fact that our actions hold great importance for improving the future for generations to come.  We are the largest supplier of POLYWOOD furniture. We take great pride at being #1 and hold true to our values of unmatched customer service, knowledgeable staff and unsurpassed desire to bring to you maintenance free furniture to last a lifetime. We are the Preferred choice for POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture.

Our outdoor patio furniture includes over twenty-one different collections featured in seven to thirteen different colors (some in twelve) to suit all your outdoor patio furniture needs. The attention paid to quality and construction of Poly-Wood™ Furniture - we trust will leave you feeling comfortable to relax and enjoy your family and friends as you gather in your newly furnished outdoor environment.

Customer Satisfaction and Enjoyment are our number one priority. You can trust that you will receive our personal attention from our office to your front door! Have questions? Need help matching a set or selecting colors‚ ask an expert‚ we have tested each and every product for comfort-ability, durability and craftsmanship so we know what we are talking about! Call us at 877-876-5996 with any and all questions. Once you speak with one of our Experts about our products, you will feel at ease making your decision about your new POLYWOOD furniture.


Going green is not just talk for us at Poly-Wood™ Furniture. The world has caught on to a secret that we have held on to at Polywood Furniture.com which is that this is the ultimate Green furniture consciously constructed from renewable resources fastened with the highest quality marine grade hardware to keep you contently seated for years. Our sustainable product is virtually maintenance free as it will not rot, chip, or peel and only requires soap and water for clean up when needed, no sanding, painting or refinishing to keep your Poly-Wood™ Furniture looking brand new year after year.

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