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POLYWOOD® Brand Outdoor Furniture

As a Poly-Wood, LLC's valued authorized dealer, we take pride in selling product with such a rich history and story of sustainability.

Poly-Wood, LLC
.'s beginnings is a fascinating story within itself, let alone the quality furniture they have become known to manufacture.

POLYWOOD Furniture is handcrafted to perfection out of genuine POLYWOOD HDPE recycled plastic lumber which is proudly manufactured by Poly-Wood, LLC.  POLYWOOD HDPE plastic is made from recycled plastic bottles and containers. An environmentally conscious mindset and a desire for virtually maintenance free furniture that will last for a lifetime is what drove the birth of POLYWOOD Brand Outdoor Furniture

Poly-Wood, LLC was founded by Doug Rassi and Mark Phillabaum in 1990. Together their innovative idea of taking milk jugs and recycling them into recycled plastic lumber furniture has only gotten even more popular with society becoming more Eco-Friendly to our planet.

The POLYWOOD® HDPE Lumber is unaffected by the rain, snow, sleet, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew. The properties of POLYWOOD® Outdoor Recycled Plastic Furniture will keep you entertaining for years.  The heavy-duty construction of this patio furniture will keep your furniture on your patio during a strong storm. POLYWOOD HDPE poly lumber is nonporous so your POLYWOOD outdoor furniture can be left out all year long, no matter what climate you live in. Easy care can be achieved with soap and water which will keep it clean and ready for use for years to come!

POLYWOOD is the original brand and leads the pack for this very specialized outdoor patio furniture product. Available in 14 beautiful colors, with all the benefits of an environmentally friendly product, you cannot go wrong with POLYWOOD® furniture! www.polywood-furniture.com has proudly been offering POLYWOOD® furniture for over a decade!