Polywood Benches

Outdoor Benches in the early 1800s were for people less worthy to sit in a chair. Hence the term "chairman". Maybe not a good selling point for buying POLYWOOD Benches, but never the less an interesting fact. In the early 1900s outdoor benches took on a life of their own. Through craftsmanship, styles and architectural interests, the bench has taken on a more elegant and stylish demeanor. One of our tradtional 48" garden benches recycles around 800 plastic bottles based on the average weight of a 16oz bottle. Our outdoor benches are all weather and can remain outdoors all year round.  These recycled plastic outdoor benches do not require sanding, painting or refinishing such as wooden benches do.  Available in a variety of lengths and styles, POLYWOOD Benches are certain to be a welcome addition to your garden, patio, porch or backyard.
Starting back in 2011, Poly-Wood Inc starting placing an aluminum tube on the back and seat of the Vineyard bench for added support.

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